Bob Hope Airport

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Saturday, Aug 02nd

Last update04:03:00 PM GMT

History and Art Realization Program Begins

Former Lockheed employees and other persons or organizations who want their names permanently linked to the Airport will have a chance to participate in a memorial brick campaign as of October 14, 2013. A pavilion paved with the bricks is being planned next to the Valet Parking Center. A quick overview of the brick program can be found here.

The SKIES OF FREEDOM Pavilion will reflect the impact that aviation has had on protecting and defending the basic freedoms embodied in the United States Constitution, but also acknowledges how commercial aviation has advanced our ability to enjoy the freedom to travel and conduct commerce on a national and global basis.

The Pavilion will be located just west of the valet building, immediately adjacent to the northern terminus of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC) elevated walkway. The pavilion will be approximately 7,000 square feet and will feature between 14,000 and 28,000 decorative bricks that are available for purchase and dedication by sponsors. These bricks will be a unique way to honor the memory of a loved one or of a former Lockheed employee or employees at airlines, tenants, and other entities present at the airport over its history; commemorate a special Airport event; honor businesses, not-for-profit organizations, athletic teams, etc.; recognize civic clubs and social groups; and give an unforgettable gift.