Bob Hope Airport

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Wednesday, Jul 30th

Last update03:47:00 PM GMT


The Airport has completed construction of a new Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS), which gives passengers more access to convenient self-service flight check-ins and flight information displays.

The renderings below depict the positioning of the new CUPPS counter installations in Terminals A and B, respectively. In addition to checking in at these counter positions, passengers are also able to check in for all airlines at new CUPPS stand-alone remote kiosks.

Terminal A Lobby Terminal B Lobby

The Airport transitioned from proprietary computer systems, which are individually owned and operated by each airline, to CUPPS. The CUPPS system permits airlines to operate at all gates and counter positions, which allows greater efficiency and flexibility to adjust to airline facility requirements in peak demand periods. Passengers will find that instead of having to find an airline-specific check-in kiosk, all kiosks in the terminal will permit check-in with all airlines.

A Dual-Head CUPPS Counter

For more detailed information, see the Staff Report description of the CUPPS project.