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Thursday, Jul 24th

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Welcome to Our August 2012 Online Newsletter

Popular TV Series “Arrested Development” Films New Season’s First Episode at Burbank Bob Hope Airport

If you were traveling through Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) on August 7, you may have noticed a Terminal A ticket counter for an airline called “Outwest,” a tuk-tuk taxi outside of Terminal B, or an extra security scanner in the Terminal A corridor. These unusual sights were set pieces for the popular television show “Arrested Development,” which filmed scenes for its upcoming season at the Airport.

“Arrested Development” originally aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006. It starred Jason Bateman as the level-headed son of a wealthy but dysfunctional family. Production of a fourth season, and possibly a film, was confirmed in late 2011. The original cast and crew are returning for the show’s revival, which will be aired exclusively on Netflix.

The August 7 shoot was the first day of production for the new season, and it created substantial media buzz across the Internet. In addition to Jason Bateman, co-stars David Cross, Portia de Rossi, and Alia Shawkat were present at the Airport.

For the filming, BUR stood in for three different airports: Orange County’s John Wayne Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India. To help create the appearance of Mumbai, the television crew brought in tuk-tuk taxis and buses covered in Hindi script, which were visible outside Terminal B and the Terminal A baggage claim.

The Airport made itself available for commercial filming in February 2012. For additional information regarding film, TV, cable or commercials at the Airport, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the Contracts and Properties Department.

An Even Better Way to Fly: CUPPS Construction Begins at Airport

In true Hollywood fashion, BUR’s gates and ticket counters are getting a facelift! The Airport has begun construction of a new Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS), which will give passengers more access to convenient self-service flight check-ins and flight information displays.

The Airport is transitioning from the current proprietary computer systems, which are individually owned and operated by each airline, to CUPPS. The CUPPS system will permit airlines to operate at all gates and counter positions, which allows greater efficiency and flexibility to adjust to airline facility requirements in peak demand periods. Passengers will find that instead of having to find an airline-specific check-in kiosk, all kiosks in the terminal will permit check-in with all airlines.

The CUPPS upgrades are scheduled for completion in mid-2013. For updates on the CUPPS construction project, visit our CUPPS improvements and initiatives page.

Robert Gross Park Campers Visit Airport

On July 19, Burbank Bob Hope Airport hosted 65 elementary school children from the City of Burbank’s Robert Gross Park Summer Camp. At the Airport Fire House, the campers observed aircraft arrivals and departures and witnessed demonstrations by Airport employees and tenants.

Two Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees demonstrated the need for X-ray security machines by hiding candy in the linings of carry-on bags and laptop cases. An Atlantic Aviation representative discussed careers in aviation, while Southwest Airlines employees taught one camper how to direct a taxiing airplane to an Airport gate. The Airport Police and Fire Departments also demonstrated their equipment, culminating with the Fire Department soaking happy campers with jets of water from one of the Airport fire trucks.

The campers also got the opportunity to explore aircraft up close. The City of Burbank Police Department and Airport fixed base operator (FBO) Million Air brought a helicopter and a Cessna Citation, respectively, to Hangar 40. The campers took turns eating pizzas and viewing the interiors of these aircraft.

This is the sixth consecutive year in which the Airport has hosted campers from Robert Gross Park.

An express exit lane is now available for Short Term Parking customers who pay by credit card. Customers can prepay their parking by credit card at one of several available pay-on-foot kiosks and insert their prepaid tickets in the ticket reader of the express lane, located at the left-hand booth. Customers can also pay by credit card directly at the express lane booth. The express lane does not accommodate cash transactions. Pay-on-foot stations are located at the Terminal A exit, the Terminal B entrance, the shuttle island, next to the elevator on the ground floor of the parking structure, and in Lot E.

If you haven’t been following our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest feeds this summer, you’ve missed some big news! The winner of the “Fly Back to School” social media contest was announced on the Airport’s official Facebook page August 14. Burbank resident Amanda Porreca, a student at UC Davis, will use her prize round-trip Southwest Airlines ticket to fly from BUR to Sacramento International Airport. The Airport’s Pinterest account also received some praise from Caseyflies Media, who called BUR’s boards “clever.”

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center hosted a blood drive in the Airport’s Terminal A Skyroom on July 25. The blood drive benefited patients at Providence hospitals and was open to the public. Airport employees, tenants, passengers, and employees from surrounding businesses participated. Fifty pints of blood were collected.